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Dongping Lake

Historical and cultural relics scatter around the lake. On the east bank of the lake is Yellowstone Cliff, where the Dongping government was located when the marsh hero Song Jiang attacked the local governmet. On the west bank is the former site of ancient Jinghang canal, and the first rallying place of the heroes of the marsh led by Chao Gai, as well as the hometown of the three heroes of Yuan family, and the village was called Shijiecun Village in the past and Shimiaocun Village now.

Dongping Lake

Lashan Mountain, a national forest park and Yueyan Temple, which was built in the seventh year of Wangli Period in Ming Dynasty are also in this area.

On the northern bank are a temple honoring Cheng Yaojin, the famous general in Tang Dynasty, a tomb of Chubawang, leader of a peasant uprising, the beatuful Huashan Mountain and Hongdingshan Mountain scriptures of buddism classics on the cliff written by An Daoyi, a famous monk in Northern Song Dynasty.

Dongping is the second largest freshwater fish farm in Shandong province. The water is pollution free and has plenty of nutrients for fish. The lake is home to more than 60 precious fish and shellfish such as carp, madarin fish,turtle, carassius aruatus, catfish, prawn, snail, and more than 40 water plants such as water chestnut and lotus.

Products such as duck eggs, preserved eggs, trapaceae and Euryale ferox Salisb seeds are sold to many places home and abroad.

The ripples in the lake have witnessed the battles of the marsh heroes. Tourists boating on the lake today can enjoy the beautiful sceneries while imaging how the ancient heroes spent their time on this lake.

Dongping Lake

Editor: Li Jing

Source: Information Office of Tai'an Government

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